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Rules -- IMPORTANT: Read before applying!

→ Please use proper grammar and spelling.

→ Please be polite to each other. Of course you can joke around, but keep in mind that some people may not see it as such, especially people who don't know you well. Use common sense about what to say.

→ Godmodding is not allowed. That means no controlling someone else's character, even if indirectly. For example, pulling someone towards something is fine, since it's their choice whether they actually go there or not, but pulling them to something is not, since you are, in a way, moving their characters. The only exception is if the other character's mun gives permission.

→ If you have a problem with a mun's conduct, try to take it up with them first. Only bring a problem to a mod if you can't resolve it amongst yourselves. Characterization problems may be reported here (for ordinary muns) or here (for mod-controlled characters).

→ Pairings! Any/all pairings are allowed, but please ask the mun of your character's object of affection first before assuming they'll go along with it.

→ Please keep all R or NC-17 materials under f-lock and cut.

→ You may initially apply for up to 5 characters, but try to make sure you have time to play them all.

→ If a character has been inactive for four weeks without a confirmable announced hiatus, they will be placed on the probation list, where they may be taken if someone else wants them. You will have to give a good explanation if you would like them back. Details on hiatus and expanding the character limit are here.

→ There can only be one of each character as a default. We may make exceptions if you really want to RP a different version of an existing character. However, to do that, you must get permission from both a mod and the person who first has the character.

→ If anyone wishes to play a character that has already been played in the past (but is now dropped), they may either start over or pick up where the previous mun left off, in the latter case provided they know at least the basics of what happened before.

→ OCs are not encouraged. They may be allowed if they're fleshed out, have a solid background, are not Mary Sues, and a million other things. You will also need a writing sample (1000+ words) featuring that character which includes dialogue and actions. Please speak to the mods before applying for one. You will have a better chance getting your OC approved if they are not a part of an existing fandom.

→ You may apply as any character from any series/work/etc, but it must be a fictional character. We do not allow real people.
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