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Memento Eden Mods

Basic Info -- IMPORTANT: Read this before applying!

Memento Eden is a multifandom RP taking place on an isolated, mysterious island. No one knows how it came to be, or when people settled there. All that is known is that strangers from other lands often find themselves stranded here with no memories or possessions except for a name.

But this is no seems that there is a reason and a purpose for their arrival on the island. But what is it? Who, or what, are the mysterious forces behind their abduction and amnesia? And more importantly...are these forces on their side?

→ Characters live in a cozy town-city called "Memento Eden", named after the world in which it is situated.

→ Characters may find jobs, get money, and buy things. For more information, see this post.

→ All characters lose their memories when they wind up here.

→ Yes, all their memories (except their first names) including family, friends, not-so-basic knowledge (ie, they'd still be able to count/add/etc, but not perform things like rocket science or whatnots even if they could before).

→ Motor skills, instinctive fighting skills, and things like that are unaffected. This is because they don't use the same part of the brain as normal memory. However, let's say that a certain master swordsman was also a brilliant strategist -- he would no longer strategize in ways that are not based purely off of instinct, until he learns to again.

→ However, learned magic, techniques, alchemy, etc, cannot be done until remembered. Heck, unless they naturally have magic where they didn't need to learn spells, they won't even know that they have them.

→ Characters will also lose a very important object. If they have none, they can lose an important memory instead, one that they can't regain until the very end. (More about regaining memories in a bit.)

Characters' personalities do not change. A person's basic personality is generally the same, regardless of whether they remember certain events or not (or, in many cases, even whether the events happened or not). Also, keep in mind that the events in their pasts have happened and thus have made their impact already. And besides, if someone doesn't act like himself/herself, how can you say that it is that person? (And what would be the point of roleplaying said person?)

→ Characters cannot be killed. Or rather, they can, provided the victim's mun agrees. However, they will not die forever, but be taken to the local hospital, where they will be resurrected. The resurrection process is explained here. The killer, however, will go on trial and mostly likely be thrown in jail. As such, please inform the mods first if anyone plans to kill anyone else, even if it is agreed upon between the players.

→ About regaining memories... the primary form of memory gain is by participating in events, IC and OOC. When there aren't events around, small contests and raffles are held instead.

→ Once a character remembers the thing they had lost, they may search for it. However, they won't be able to find anything until they get all their memories back, in which they'll find a cave. But, shh, they don't know that.

→ The cave will be a semi-customized TADS game. More information here.

→ Once a character regains everything, they may return to their world, if they wish.

→ Time is stopped in Memento Eden. Somewhat. A character will live and grow and whatnot, but things will revert once they return to their world; no time will have passed, as if nothing had happened. (Think The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe if anyone has seen/read it.)

→ Not all events are for the purpose of memory regains. Sometimes, crack events and strange things happen just for the sake of happening.
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