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Application Post

Before applying, please read over all the rules and info (I know there's a lot of it, but they're made for your benefit), and check the taken characters and reserved characters lists to make sure that the character you want isn't already taken. You might also want to take a look at the dropped and probation lists if you wish to play a character who already has a bit of memory to go by, or the requested characters list to see if there's a character you'd like to play that someone would really like to see. Note that you will, however, be required to at least have a basic knowledge of the character's previous interactions if you do.

If you wish to apply for an OC, inform Ari-mod or Ammie-mod first. You will be asked to provide an extremely detailed account of just about everything everything, and a 1000+-word writing sample focusing on said character; as well as answer a few questions for us. You'd also have better luck if it were an original original character, not an OC for a fandom.

To apply, please provide the following info:

Name: Your nickname, so we have something to refer to you with.

Personal LJ: Strictly speaking, you don't have to have one, but it helps with the display, and it may be easier if you know how to use LJ's features already.

Contact info: Things like IM handles, e-mail, or whatnot. We'd like you to provide at least something in case we need to contact you.

Character Name: Please include nicknames when applicable.

Character Series: Self-explanatory.

Age: Character age. If the character does not have one, please give a rough estimate, and/or age of appearance.

Background: As this RP puts a heavy focus on memory loss and gain, we need to make sure that you have enough memory to gain. Please cover the character's life (remember unmentioned early life alongside the plot), filling in the gaps where necessary, so long as canon is not contradicted. However, this does not mean that we must know every tiny detail of your series's plot, even if your character is a main character! We prefer to have a focus on events that shape a character throughout a gargantuan plot, and the rest in concise summary. Lastly, please mention when your character is pulled from his/her canon.

Personality: Here, the more detailed the better. Please provide examples from canon to illustrate your points; and include character quirks, such Ed (FMA)'s aversion to milk. Keep in mind that we're not just looking for how the character acts on the outside, but everything about him or her.

Item Lost: Or unrecoverable memory, for those without precious items. If the item is a bit obscure and only vaguely mentioned in the background, please provide a short explanation of why it's important to the character.

Sample Journal Entry: Please write your entry as if you were already accepted. In other words, write in view of your character in Memento Eden. Most people like to write first posts, which they will then use once they are accepted. If yours isn't a first post, please make a note so we don't harp on you for why the character appears to have some memories already. UPDATE 9/8/09: The sample entry may now be written in a musebox, such as testrun_box. However, it still needs to be as if your character was already in Memento Eden. Bear in mind, however, that if you use a musebox post, we will also be looking at comment threads, not just the original post. On the other hand, this will allow for more leeway concerning the length of the sample entry, since we will have more material from which to base our decision.

Before applying, we highly advise you to look at these applications as a reference of our expectations: Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Rosette (Chrono Crusade), Death (Sandman). We generally expect applications to be about three to six comments long.

Also, we didn't think this needed to be said, but please use proper grammar and spelling in your application, including paragraph breaks. Paragraph breaks need to be either indented or line-skipped; the mods do not like reading walls of text, and neither will the players who in the future will be playing with you if you get accepted. Even if all the information is there on an application, we reserve the right to reject anyone based on grammar. It may sound a bit cruel, but remember that we have a duty to the RPers already here.

Your application, if not immediately accepted, will be automatically reserved for a period ending two weeks following the mod's notice. This reservation does not renew for revisions. So, for example, if you apply on May 2nd and a mod replies on May 5th, your character will be reserved from the 2nd to the 19th. After these two weeks have expired, or after a finalized rejection, your character may be applied for by others.

If you apply for a character who currently is reserved, due to reserving at the reserve post or by applying recently, you will be informed and your application will be ignored until the other reserve expires.

After you're accepted, please reply to the thread with your character journal. This is to make it easier for us to update the list, and to know who to accept into the comms (as they have moderated memberships). If we are not certain that we're supposed to accept a journal, we will err on the side of caution and not.

Again, after you're accepted, please join memento_eden and memento_logs (and, optionally, memento_ooc) with your character journal only, and introduce yourself.
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