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The Memento Eden Coliseum

The Bard and Lina have submitted a proposal to Mayor Ari to take over management of the Coliseum. The arena is now open for shows, rentals, and betting; and comes with a whole lineup of new jobs~!

Credit goes to Void and Li-Chi for everything here.

Coliseum Schedule

Opens Friday evenings for several fights, break for night, fights resume early Saturday morning, continue throughout the day, break for the night, and then resume early Sunday, ending Sunday evening.

Various acts such as small plays, musical interludes, and trained animals will appear interspersed between fights.

Rules of the Coliseum

All fights in the coliseum are conducted with weapons issued by us. They are designed for non-lethal combat, but they still hurt.

We are in the process of developing a dampening field that will allow combatants to fight on even-footing. We hope to roll this out shortly.

All fighters hired by the coliseum agree that the coliseum is not liable for any breaks, contusions, mortal injury, cuts, wounds, bone fragmentation, disease, food poisoning, malnourishment, or untimely death that may result in their participation in the fights. Healers are always on standby during fights to ensure damage is minimized so most of these should not be an issue.

An arena may be rented for use in exhibition matches or other performances (rock concerts, plays, what have you) for $400. Once developed, the power dampening field is optional upon rental, the price does not change whether it is requested or not. Weapons can be included in the rental if desired. Renting an exhibition arena absolves the coliseum from liability for any injuries and/or death they may suffer. If the dampening field is deactivated, you may be charged for damages to the coliseum.

Possible Betting Profits

Characters may spend a day betting at the coliseum. Earnings/losses are determined randomly by die roll. Bets are divided into brackets for your convenience. This applies to generic betting, and the classifications specify the kind of better you are, not the kind of person you're betting in (in fact, the High Roller is liable to be betting on the wussy looking fighter whereas the wuss is likely to be betting on some big muscular dude). Bets for battles involving player characters will be handled separately, odds will be set on either character and bets can be placed before the players involved have figured out how the fight goes and who wins.

1d10 earnings or loss. 80% chance of victory
2d10 earnings or loss. 60% chance of victory
Average Joe:
2d20 earnings or loss, 50% chance of victory
5d20 earnings or loss, 40% chance of victory
High Roller:
15d20 earnings or loss, 20% chance of victory

Renting the arena or betting on a battle can be done through a comment on this post.

For Coliseum jobs, check here.
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