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This is the place to leave feedback on the Memento Mods' performance. As opposed to the opinion post, this post is not focused on character quality or interactions as a role player, but the performance of the moderation team as a group. This includes things such as policies, application processing, events, and decisions. Keep in mind that as with all criticism, change is more likely to occur when constructive measures are suggested. Commentary for one or two mods in particular is discouraged, but allowed.

The work is equally shared between the two mods, Chris and Lisa, but if you have any specific concerns for either mod, don't hesitate to mention one by name!

If your feedback is a minor point directed at one person, or a suggestion for improving one of the areas listed above, please contact that particular mod if possible.

If you cannot get a hold of any moderator and do not wish to use email, it is acceptable, though discouraged, to use this post as a "drop box" for probation appeals and so on.

All comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled.
Tags: feedback, mod, tell us what you think
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