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The island heavily forested and mountained. The town is the only settlement on the island. The cave of trials on a mountainside not too far from the town, but it is constantly changing location; where one person might find it will not be where the next person will find it.

What happens if someone tries to leave the island, setting sail in search of somewhere else?

No one who tried has ever been back to tell the tale. Perhaps they return to their world. Perhaps they get to the end of this world and die. Perhaps they sail on forever. Perhaps they finally realized they're sailing on forever and are in the process of turning around.

Who knows.

The town is a moderate-sized city. The architecture and overall vibe of the city is very old and historic, and might give off the feel of an 1800s city. Despite this, the people living there and the technology mirrors the present day (2010s).

The characters are definitely not the only ones in Memento Eden. They only make up a small amount of the population. The rest of the population does not seem to care much about the newcomer amnesiacs, although they are a bit wary.

The town has a very good hospital, and a wide variety of stores from which just about anything can be bought. Of particular note is the church. The only religion present in this world seems to be
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