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The currency is, for simplicity's sake, equivalent to the US dollar.

Many stores selling mundane goods will not have all of their stock listed, and you can decide what characters buy for which approximate price. When characters buy from the common stores, please make a quick note of it, either here or in a journal entry.

For the stores selling more exotic goods, you must respond here with what you are buying and what quantity.

Keep in mind, money may not be strictly monitored by mods, but we will be on the lookout to make sure that characters are buying within their range. (More information can be found here.)

Navigation: Rare Artifacts Store - The Lumber Yard - Used Goods Store - Pet Shop - Book Store - Clothing Shop - Weapons Shop - Costume Shop - Character-run Establishments - Miscellaneous Purchases

Rare Artifacts Store
ArtifactQuantityIn StockPrice
Every Day Fire Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$1
Every Day Water Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$1
Every Day Earth Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$1
Every Day Wind Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$1
Every Day Healing Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$1
Battle Fire Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$5
Battle Water Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$5
Battle Earth Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$5
Battle Wind Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$5
Battle Healing Scroll1 ChargeUnlimited$5
Set of Legos --1$30
Box of Cheerios --3$6
Wailmer Pail --1$20
A Candy Cane --3$3
Molepig Steak --2$20
Fancy Rod --1$180
Mystical Music Box1 charge/2 weeks for owner0$4,999

Note: The 'every day' scroll items are weaker than the battle scroll items, and may not be used in the middle of a battle. IE: Every day fire scroll would have the strength of a cigarette lighter, and the Battle fire scroll will have the strength of a fireball spell.

The Lumber Yard
This is where you buy building materials. You can buy wood, cement mix, bricks, metals, and all sorts of stuff. You can also rent bulldozers and cranes for construction here.

Wood2' x 3' x 1"$2
Cement20 lb$5
Brick6" x 4" x 2"$.50
Steel2' x 3' x .5"$5
Bulldozerper day$150
Craneper day$150

Used Goods Store
Characters can sell their things to earn some more cash. Just list the item you want to sell (and its relative condition, if you will), and I'll give you a price quote. All the things sold to the shop will be on display here. Remember, once your item is sold, it's sold, so be careful not to accidentally pawn off something important!

Steel Knuckle1Good$30
Women's casual shirt: pink and white with floral designs4Good$6
Women's casual skorts: available in pink, purple, or white5Good$4
Women's casual skirts: available in pink2Good$6
Women's casual miniskirts: available in blue1Good$6
Women's casual miniskirt1New$10
Women's casual dresses: available in pink1Good$10
Women's bikinis: available in blue and white2Good$10
Women's designer stockings2Good$8
Women's snakeskin boots1Good$60
Women's underwear1New$4

Pet Shop
This shop works a bit differently. You can buy any animal that can be domesticated here, pretty much. (If you want to keep a wild animal, you'll have to use alternative methods.) Also available here is pet food, any containers your pets may need, and vaccinations. Use your better judgment on what costs how much, and if your character can reasonably pay for the upkeep of their pet.

The Book Store
This is where your characters can buy books of all kinds that they would like to keep or can't find in the library. Only books of note are listed here--the bookstore has plenty of other books in stock, like books on cooking or law, or just plain old fiction.

Book TypePrice
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Alchemy$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Charm Spells$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Defense Magic$20
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Martial Combat (hand-to-hand)$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Martial Combat (one-handed sword)$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Martial Combat (ranged)$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Martial Combat (two-handed sword)$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Potions$15
Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced Transfiguration$15

One Stop Clothing Shop
This shop works a bit differently. You can buy any normal clothing you'd need, pretty much, ranging from the casual to fairly formal. Also available here are accessories and what have you. Use your better judgment on what costs how much.

Weapons Shop
This is the place your characters can purchase weapons to train and battle with. There are a variety of weapons that can be bought in different materials. These may include swords, rods, daggers, fisticuffs, different types of bows, guns, and the arrows/bullets needed for these weapons. The price ranges are to give you an idea of their costs and what is within your character's budget. Please use your better judgment with these!

Weapon MaterialPrice
WoodRanges from $8 to $25
IronRanges from $25 to $35
SteelRanges from $45 to $60
MythrilRanges from $135 to $160
CrystalRanges from $210 to $275
DiamondRanges from $465 to $550

Ammunition (arrows, bullets) is sold in packs of 50.

Weapon MaterialPrice
Wood$10 for 50
Iron$25 for 50
Steel$50 for 50
Mythril$75 for 50
Crystal$100 for 50
Diamond$150 for 50

Harvest Moon Annual Costume Store
This shop works a bit differently. You can buy any costume you want, pretty much, ranging from the simplistic to the extravagant. Also available here are accessories for the costumes and what have you. Use your better judgment on what costs how much.

Character-run Establishments
If a played character decides to open a business, it will be listed here.

Sunset Bakery, run by Olette. (Menu)

Miscellaneous Purchases
Other items and stores, like art supply stores, toy stores, groceries, furniture/applicance stores, and other such non-character-run establishments can be assumed to exist in the marketplace. Again, please use your common sense when judging how much these miscellaneous items cost and make a note of it either here or in your journal.

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