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Stable update: Pegasi

Thanks to a request on Celice's part, pegasi have been added to Memento Eden's stables! Now, before your characters all rush out to ride the new acquisitions, there are a few details I'd like to hammer out.

For the most part, pegasi here will be the same as in Fire Emblem. They're tended to in much the same manner as horses right down to their stables and what they eat. While about the same speed as their earthbound brethren, pegasi are not impeded by terrain and can thus cover more ground. Watch out, though--pegasi are very easy to knock out of the sky with arrows or wind magic.

There will be one change, though, simply due to Memento Eden's demographic. In Fire Emblem (or at least in FE6 and FE7), pegasi have a unicornlike trait--they will only let women ride them. Here, however, men will be able to ride pegasi, as well. Again, blame thank the demographic for that.

When your characters wish to use any animal in the stables, be it horse, chocobo, or pegasus, please comment here. Here is the list of prices:


Leisure mounts: $40 an hour, maximum cost of $300 a day.
Distance mounts: $400 a day
Racing mounts: $150 per race.
Lessons: $150, using Leisure mounts.


Leisure mounts: $60 an hour, maximum of $500 a day.
Distance mounts: $600 a day
Racing mounts: $200 per race
Lessons: $200, using leisure mounts

Have fun!
Tags: announcement, economy, stables
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