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This is the place to give your opinions/concerns/praise about the characters the moderators play, and the moderators themselves. If you absolutely love how a moderator's character is played, comment here and tell us how you feel. If there is a moderator who you feel has helped you out, or been an excellent role-player in some way (other than played their character well), you can tell us about them here, too. Adversely, if there is a moderator's character here you find to be out of character, you can drop a line in this post and tell us which character and why. Same goes for moderators you feel are being problematic. If we get enough comments about unruly players or bad character (three, to be exact), the moderator will be spoken to.

Format to comment.
Name: (Of moderator or character in question.)
Opinion: (Concerns/praise/complaints.)

The moderators are Chris and Lisa.

Chris plays Ike, Trunks, Eliwood, Athrun, Shirou.
Lisa plays Danny, Nathan.

If you want to comment about a player or character not associated with a moderator, go here.

If you want to comment about the mod team as a whole, in regards to mod duties, go here.

Comments are anonymous, and IP logging is turned off.
Tags: character opinion, info
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