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Here, we would like to hear your opinions/concerns/praise about the characters and the players in this role-play. If you absolutely love how a character in this role-play is played, comment here and tell us how you feel and we'll pass it along to the player. If there is a player who you feel has helped you out, or been an excellent role-player in some way (other than played their character well), you can tell us about them here, too. Adversely, if there is a character here you find to be out of character, you can drop a line here and tell us which character and why. Same goes for players you feel are being problematic. The mods will send all comments as written to the players through LiveJournal messages in a timely manner.

Comments will be screened and everyone's identities will be kept anonymous when discussing the contents of this post, whether the input is good or bad. The purpose of the post isn't to stir up drama, but to improve and/or encourage players who need and deserve it.

This post is for all characters.

Format to comment:
Name: (Of either character or player in question.)
Do you want a mod to rewrite this criticism with a neutral tone before sending? (Y/N)
Do you wish for the recipient to respond via the mods? (Y/N)
Opinion: (Concerns/praise/complaints.)
Tags: character opinion, info
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