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Requested Characters List

The is probably rather self-explanatory, but just in case anyone needs a description, it's basically where you can request for certain characters to be picked up. People trying to decide who to apply for will, hopefully, glance over the list, and possibly pick someone who's been requested. As I'm sure everyone knows, there is no guarantee that anyone/everyone you request will be picked up; please don't be upset if they're not.

The purpose of the list is to request characters that you really want to see. Not characters that you think might be nice to have. Not characters that might sorta be fun to poke around with. No, it's for characters that you've been dying to play with, that you really, really want to interact with -- lovers, best friends, sworn enemies, etc. Things like that. Not just "character from the same series that would be good to have", because, you know, those will come naturally.

And, think about it this way -- if you request everyone, you won't get to see the ones you really want to see anyway.

When requesting, please comment with the character(s)'s name(s) and series(es), and a short paragraph (short; just a few sentences) saying why you'd like that character specifically. Requests without explanations will not be counted. (This is a good example for Sanaki and a minimum example for Tibarn).

You may second other people's requests (and keep them on the list if their motivation should disappear, be it a drop or otherwise) without a required explanation, unless your reasoning is extremely different. For example, say Tim-mun requests Joe because "He interacts so well with Tim and Maria!" and Maria-mun seconds this. Then if Tim-mun drops Tim, we'd still keep up the Joe request, until Maria is also dropped. However, if Maria-mun specifies that she's seconding Joe because "I think it'd be great to see him have an AU relationship with Roxanne," then the Joe request will be kept up as long as Maria-mun and Roxanne are still at Memento Eden.


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Anya Alstreim
Gino Weinberg
Lelouch vi Britannia

Crest/Banner of the Stars

Danny Phantom
Jazz Fenton
Valerie Gray
Vlad Masters/Plasmius

Virgil Hawkins

DC Comics
Guy Gardner

Dragon Ball Z
Bulma Briefs
Hercule/Mr. Satan
Son Goku

Fate/Stay Night
Illyasviel von Einzbern (Heaven's Feel)
Rin Tohsaka (Unlimited Blade Works)

Fire Emblem (Elibe)

Fire Emblem (Tellius)

Fruits Basket
Ayame Sohma

Hollow Fields
Lucy Snow

Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie Hatter

Shaman King
Anna Kyouyama
Chocolove McDonell
Hao Asakura
Horokeu "Horohoro" Usui
Johann Faust VIII
Jun Tao
Lyserg Diethel
Manta Oyamada
Tamao Tamamura
Yoh Asakura

Tales of the Abyss
Jade Curtiss
Guy Cecil

Tales of Symphonia
Marta Lualdi
Raine Sage

Tales of Vesperia

Trigun Maximum
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
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