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That's right, we have an economy. Yay? *waves a little flag*

When the characters appear, they will automatically receive a room in the Ari Apartment and be fed three meals a day, which used to be only ramen, provided by Ari because Ari can't cook. And by "Ari", we mean the NPC Ari, AKA the mayor of Memento Eden. However, lucky for the occupants, there are now two cooks (and prep cooks) in service of the kitchens at Ari Apartments who work to make a variety of foods for everyone living there. So rejoice, there is no longer just ramen. (However, from time to time things... happen to the chefs, just the same as everyone else, so people may be subjected to ramen once in a while.)

Anyway, the Ari Apartment started at 1 floor high, with 10 rooms. It has gotten a new floor every time it starts to get full. Everyone will be assigned a random room, and may have a roommate. Yes, the lack of rooms is so people will most likely get a roommate. How fun? XD

Ari will not re-assign rooms if you don't like them. (What are you going to say? "I don't remember who this person is, but I have instinctive hatred towards him"?) However, if you make friends, you can trade rooms or whatnots. Or you can steal buy a tent from the store and sleep out in the woods. Either way. Whatever you wanna do. XD Just make sure to let one of the mods know.

Also, as Ammie's NPC is the landlady of the Ari Apartments, if you destroy any part of it, you may find... curses... coming your way.

So what does this have to do with the economy?

Well! You can get a job, earn money, and buy a house. =D There are several apartments and houses available for purchase, and you can buy land and materials instead and build one yourself (or ask someone to make you one, provided someone can). And you can, y'know, buy food for yourself as well if you don't like what's provided. (Keep in mind that once you move out of the Ari Apartment, you will not be able to get free food anymore. XD)

Finding a job is, thankfully, easier in the RP than in real life. XD Every once in a while (meaning when we've run out of openings or think of new positions) there will be a post with available jobs (and other things *coughs*). Characters can "apply" for one, and go through an interview process if they wish.

Also, characters can start their own businesses. There are many empty storefronts to rent, and they can build a store (same process as building a house).

Note that jobs will have set salaries, and characters will be paid at the end of each week.

Characters with their own businesses can decide their own earnings at the end of each day, as long as it's reasonable. If people start to take advantage of this, Ari will decide instead.

And, just to be nice, you're not taxed. ^_~

Just for the mods to keep track: updated on 7/17/07
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