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We at Kiokushitaka would like to invite everyone in Memento Eden to enjoy the opening of our facilities in a grand opening celebration! Use of the hotsprings will be free for this week only and sake and tea will be made available for sampling throughout the week as well. The restaurant will be open for business as well as the ryokan (a hotel for those who are unfamiliar with the term). For this time only no reservations will need to be made in advance, but please book a room quickly as we have limited space in our modest inn. Rates will be listed below for any interested in enjoying our services more fully during our grand opening.

(( OOC: This event runs one full week, that means in game, the grand opening is also lasting all week. Please keep that in mind and read everything if you plan on participating, thanks. ))

Information on Kiokushitaka services

At our location, on the lower half of one of the mountains just beyond the woods surrounding Memento Eden, we have made use of three natural hotsprings to create an onsen for people's relaxation and enjoyment. One will be a female exclusive bath, one for the men and one that will be used as a co-ed bathing area in which swimwear is encouraged for everyone's comfort. Each bath is enclosed by high bamboo fencing giving a sense of privacy while still being embraced by the natural elements of the premise. Rock gardens, evergreens, bonsai plants, maple trees make up a soothing landscape in which one can forget their worries during their stay and immerse themselves in a get away while soaking in naturally heated spring waters.

Each bath has its own changing area leading out to the spring and after one has bathed themselves they can slip out to the hotspring and soak. After the grand opening, a small fee of $20 will be required to use the springs themselves and sake service can be ordered for a small additional charge of $5 and hot tea can be requested complimentary to using the baths.

While one is here to enjoy the springs, they can also make use of our accommodations for a nightly pay rate. Included in this are 2 complimentary meals (breakfast and dinner) from our kitchens serving gourmet Asian-styled fare. If one wants to sample our restaurant class cooking on its own however, they can also make use of one of our rooms as their own private room for dinner. Reservations must be made for a stay in the ryokan at least one day in advance, but we'd recommend a more advanced booking to guarantee your stay with us. If one does wish to just enjoy an evening's meal, reservations are again recommended but not required.

Rooms are styled traditionally with sliding doors, tatami mats, a kotatsu for keeping warm on cold winter nights when away from the baths, and at night, maids will lay out futons for guests. Decor is simple and sparse with flower arrangements and brush paintings. Nothing to overpower the natural beauty of the mountain setting. Views are available from each of the 8 rooms used for guests. Guests staying at the ryokan will also have free access to the baths during the duration of their stay. Also offered are yukata for a guest's use during their visit to relax in - these are not required wear for guests however, but are available for them if they so wish.

To reach our facilities there shall be a several times daily shuttle for both employees and guests to make use of. The ride is 30-40 minutes. If one wishes to come on foot to our location, maps will be available at city hall and the trip is around 2 hours average with an invigorating hike for the last leg of the journey.

Celebration specifics
Complimentary sake and tea will be served throughout the opening and baths will be open for all who wish to experience them without fee.
The ryokan will be open for business for those who wish to book a remaining room.
As part of our celebration we have distributed several special passes to lucky recipients for a full VIP pass. This will include a full week's stay at the ryokan and that which comes with it - free use of the baths and complimentary gourmet meals. They will be our honored guests while we welcome one and all for business. For those with these VIP passes, please remember to bring the ticket with you for redemption.
Also in honor of our grand opening a special event lottery will be held at the ryokan.

Summary of Prices/Services

$20 for bath usage on its own
$5 sake service for the bath, no charge for tea service
$200/per night per person (includes breakfast and dinner as well as bath access)
Alcohol with meals is additionally billed based on the amount and the quality (sakes, plum wines, beer are available)
Price range for a dinner without a ryokan stay is $30-50/per person (this is higher end, gourmet food after all) Again alcohol is billed separately on top of food prices


Layout of the facilities
Initially one comes to the Ryokan as the entrance. Inside is a main lobby area with a desk for bookings. From there one can be led to an outdoor covered walkway leading to the hotspring facilities and from there the baths.

Three baths are laid out roughly from left to right - one female only, one male only, and one communal co-ed bath. All are outdoors and open aired separated by high bamboo fences. The landscaping and atmosphere is all Japanese-styled in nature. The hotspring facilities - the changing rooms and bathing/cleansing areas are all set alongside the baths with the changing rooms leading out to an outdoor deck and directly leading to the hotsprings.

Leading directly out of the main lobby is the rest of the ryokan. Within are 8 rooms for guest use housing a max of 4 people comfortably (6-8 if you are cramming without letting the staff know >.>), all of which have sliding door views to the majestic nature of the mountain surrounding the whole compound. There is one separate spare room to act as a dining room if all rooms are in use by guests to be used for a restaurant experience when need be. All rooms have a small private restroom. Also for guest use is a community room for lounging, a small selection of books/poetry for reading, a card table (cards may be checked out from the main desk) and a ping-pong table (balls and paddles can also be checked out from the main desk). The kitchen is within the main building and is equipped to serve the gourmet meals Kiokushitaka serves. A laundry room is also located in the building for cleaning services, the maid's closet is also located here. The manager's housing is also connected to this building by another covered walkway and is a small collection of three bedrooms and also its own small bathroom. One for the Manager's personal use and the others to serve as guest rooms for employees needing to stay the night if need be due to shifts. Keep in mind there is limited room however.

Bath Etiquette

Before entering a hotspring, they enter the changing area and undress. Then you move on to the bathing area before the spring itself. Here you splash some water over yourself with provided warm water from a bucket then sit at a bench and soap up and wash. After this is all rinsed clean one can then proceed to a long soak in the hotspring.

For the communal co-ed bath, the changing areas and cleaning areas for each gender will use the appropriate single-sex baths areas and then proceed to the mixed bath once they are washed up.


Thank you and we look forward to serving you all. Please join us in making our week-long grand opening memorable...


(( OOC: Helpful Reference

To help get an idea of what it is we are going for here please read this short little overview. Thanks. ^.^

ALSO VIP PASSES! These are those mysterious tickets handed out as riddle prizes! Raven, Pichu, Touda, Ginko all of you received one of these passes. Now the tickets have mysteriously changed, giving more thorough instructions to redeem these at the Kiokushitaka Ryokan for VIP treatment for you and ONE GUEST during the grand opening celebration. Feel free to have your character give away their pass if they so wish, it's up to you what they do with it but please do something with them *puppy dog eyes* XD Following this several logs will be opening for the celebration, so please take the partying there. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!

And EMPLOYEES! You are indeed working for this event, all week long, but feel free to have your character slip away for the planned game when it's set up and they can stop to talk to people while working and such. Even those like launderers or dishwashers - feel free to let them slip off and interact, just remember they are supposed to be working during this busy grand opening. Additional NPC help has been hired for this week only to help you guys out too, so feel free to use that to your disposal as well ^.^ ))
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