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Several players have asked for closure on the plot and behind-the-scenes story of Memento Eden.

Once upon a time, two twin gods named Memento and Eden created a world of their own. On that world they created an island, and they brought life to it. Satisfied with themselves, they watched the human population flourish. Surprised at the humans' advancements, they decided to get to know some of the people and see why and how these people could do all they had done.

They were soon dismayed. They soon saw how as people got older, their happiness seemed to diminish and adults became more and more cynical. Memento and Eden were devastated and decided to start from scratch. They destroyed all sentient life and all it had created on the island and thought--what if our people don't remember anything? They needed to test this theory out. They first brought a single human from another world--a woman named Ari. She had no memories and no way of surviving in the wilderness, but Memento and Eden shortly created a town where Ari could live. They needed one group of amnesiacs, and one group of people who would remember everything in their lives. The natives were created, memories and all. Over time, the twins brought in more and more amnesiacs from other worlds, including the NPCs like Yuri, Ammie, Foxfire, Leo, Erik, etc.

They were pleased to see that the amnesiacs were not in despair as the old people of the island were. They continued bringing more people in, and established a sense of order--government, police force, church, library, bank... the heads of each section were the first amnesiacs to be brought to the island, with Ari being the mayor of the town. In particular, the twins chose a group of people to be in charge of keeping the stolen memories safe. These memory keepers hid in secrecy, guarding the memories with everything they had.

For the most part, they left the amnesiacs to their own devices, checking in every now and then to make sure things were going well. They weren't checking thoroughly enough, though--the memory keepers were beginning to resent their lack of memories. They wanted to know who they were before their lives in Memento Eden, and gave themselves their own memories back. They also decided that for the good of all the people, the rest of the amnesiacs ought to have their memories back. Slowly, they began to distribute memories to the citizens, putting on elaborate events to distract the twins from the phenomenon. However, they excluded the other NPCs, as they worked with Ari for Memento and Eden themselves, and could not be sure that they would not snitch.

And that brings us to where the game was just before closing. One of the memory keepers became overly eager to return all of everyone's memories or at the very least, items from home. The other memory keepers were opposed--they wanted to return memories back, but not this quickly because it would look suspicious. This was the memory keeper who gave away those memories for Memory Day, as well as those notes accompanying them. Later, the same memory keeper held a competition to determine who would get an item from home, since he could only obtain so many. He was later arrested for "possession and distribution of otherworldy items." Yeah. That guy who was put in jail recently, Ian Branan? He's the 'rogue' memory keeper.

Where was this plot going to go? To be honest, we didn't plot that far ahead. There were, however, vague plans: Memento and Eden would check up on things again after the commotion with Branan's trial and realize that the memory keepers have been returning memories to the amnesiac populace. They would have been SORELY DISPLEASED, and some fairly unpleasant stuff would follow as a warning, including some of the memory keepers being thrown in jail without a trial. There was also the possibility of certain characters (those whose muns said they were okay with it) getting reset and starting from 0% as Memento and Eden would try and rectify the problem. The reset would only be temporary, though, as the memory keepers would try and start handing memories back out again.

And that, folks, is what we had of Memento Eden's plot and our plans for it. If anyone is still curious about anything here that I didn't mention, ask away and I can try and answer.
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