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Mid-morning, the sound of a gavel banging echoed all across town, as though there were speakers broadcasting it all around the island. The noise, however, seemed to be coming from within the town hall.

"Ian Branan!" Judge Foxfire's voice rang throughout the town. "You have been charged with possession and distribution of otherworldly items. How do you plead?"

"Not guilty!"

A cry of outraged voices, presumably from the jury and audience, began arguing amongst themselves until the gavel silenced them all, echoing in every part of Memento Eden.

Then the trial began. The prosecution and defense argued for a while, both sides getting extremely heated many times. But, surprisingly, the defendant in question, a one Ian Branan, stayed very silent. Multiple pieces of evidence was shown against Branan, ranging from testimonies that items such as a bizarre, metallic thermos was spotted, and that Branan had been behaving erratically for quite a while--shortly after a certain challenge was issued to some of the island residents.

The defense had nothing to present that could oppose the prosecution, and Branan had still not expanded on his claim that he was innocent, when so much proof was stacked against him.

Another gavel bang.

"Ian Branan, you have been found guilty of possession and distribution of otherworldly items! You are hereby sentenced to 25 years of prison!"

((Ian Branan will be held in the jail. Characters are free to speak with him, if they are interested, over here. And be wary about what you say...some NPCs may be on edge now!))
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